Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A new blog...

So here i am, starting again a new blog, starting a new project... i don't even know what number of website this is ever since i started my life online around 1995, but it seems ages ago. I've kept my share of blogs throughout the years, but i never really decided to take any one of those seriously until now...

Maybe the thing has always been that i don't know i have ever considered anything i write about myself or my life to be of interest for anyone... i've been alone in the dark for so long, coming into the light still feels weird and sorta strange. I have always enjoyed solitude way too much, it seems, always keeping my thoughts to myself; yet somehow i feel that time of my life is over... i feel some need to reach out to the world one way or another, and i guess this is my best attempt at it...

This is going to be my official blog for everything related to my music, designs, and probably a lot more... i don't even know who's going to be reading this, but whoever you are, thanks for stopping by, hope you drop a note here and there.

Now, onto blogging!



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