Thursday, August 25, 2011

No spaceships coming to Earth... for now

Yesterday here in Chile, where i live right now, there was a news article published in a local newspaper warning people about 3 huge spaceships that were headed towards Earth and that would be here sometime in the first trimester of 2012. What surprised me about this obvious hoax/joke, it was that the newspaper which ran the news is not a tabloid, it's a serious publication, or at least it was until they printed this, and also they said that this information was provided by Wikileaks, and that the source was the SETI institute, so those were big names to be throwing around like it was nothing…
But of course, i did my research, and found nothing on Wikileaks referring to an imminent alien invasion, and even found a statement from SETI denouncing this news as the hoax it was. All in all, the main reason this calls my attention is: why now? The original article was from December 2010, but this chilean newspaper, and also many others i found online, only published it this past week… plus, if you couple this with the recent video about NASA director warning its employees about an imminent "emergency", it's almost impossible not to think of several conspiracy theories and possible scenarios for the short future.

It has been greatly speculated in many alternative media that there is something called "Project Blue Beam", which would be used by some governments to stage a second coming of Christ or a possible alien invasion using holograms and other advanced technology which is hidden to the general public.. so i wonder, if this clear disinformation being published in normal media maybe aims towards that goal, to make people think that an eventual alien attack on planet Earth is indeed a possibility, and to have people in a state of fear for some sinister reasons.

I guess all we can do at this point is just speculate.. for the time being, at least officially, there are no alien spaceships coming to Earth in 2012,  but the fact that this idea is already being put in people's minds, makes me be weary about what may take place from now until the popular December 21, 2012 date… will there really be a huge global change that takes place in a single day? I'll probably make another blog just to talk about that, but until then, my humble advice to the world is to please be skeptic and don't accept any news presented to you by the media as truth until you do your own research about it… i think that's a healthy way to live, and may even prove to be life-saving sometime in the future… or at least, it will make it harder for others to fool you, and that by itself can be more useful to you than you could ever think. Keep your eyes and ears open!



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